Monday, April 13, 2009


NERGC is presenting its first silent auction this year. Fifty percent of the winning bid goes to the original owner of the item(s). The remaining 50% will go to NERGC.

The auction will begin Friday morning when the Expo Center opens. Friday afternoon the auction will close and winning bidders may pick up and pay for their items. Saturday morning a new auction will begin. If your item(s) received no bids Friday, they will be automatically entered in Saturday’s auction. Check the daily Newsletter at the conference for details and times.

You can bid online or in person at the Expo Center during the auction. Items will be displayed on tables in the 50/50 Silent Auction area next to the Ancestors Road Show.

All online bidders need to be registered prior to bidding. Those attendees wishing to bid may use their registration number as their bidding ID. For those who cannot attend, you will need to email the 50/50 Silent Auction coordinator, Drew Bartley, at This is also the email you will use to place all bids online. To receive an online bidder’s ID, please email your name, organization (if appropriate), mailing address, email, and a phone number where you can be reached.

All items or services received in advance of Friday’s auction will appear in Lot #1. Links to downloadable pdf files will be provided online for as many items as possible. These links become live at the date and time to be announced. Each file will contain a description of the item, its number, and a minimum bid for that item.

Bids that are sent via email to should have the following:

Name of item
Item number
Your ID number
Minimum bid
Maximum bid

For those bidders not present, this will be the procedure. If you bid a range, the lowest bid in a rounded dollar amount will be bid on your behalf. If there is a competing bid, your bid will be increased to $1 over the previous bidder up to your designated maximum. If you are the winner, we will ship your item(s) to you with the bill for the item(s) and the cost of shipping and handling.

Place all online bids to

Bring Your Items to the Auction!

Anyone wishing place material or services in Friday and/or Saturday’s auctions should contact Drew Bartley at and arrange to have the items or certificates (for things like hours of research time) at the Expo Center by Friday and/or Saturday morning. Items, groups of items, or services should have a retail value of at least $10. Minimum bids suggested by the original owner should be no lower than $5. The original owner will receive half of the winning bid and NERGC the other half. Payments by attendees should be made at the end of the auction when picking up your new items or certificates for services such as research hours. Payments by remote bidders should be made by check payable to NERGC, Inc., and sent to our Treasurer at the address provided on your bidding ID.

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