Monday, April 13, 2009


Ever buy that really interesting book and get it home only to discover you already have it? What about all those ancestors you used to descend from? Maybe you bought the 800-page genealogy for that surname, and now you don't care. Has your research moved on to another part of the U.S., and now you've got three linear feet of local histories you don't use? These are classic items to put in the 50/50 Silent Auction at NERGC 2009.

Consider other things, too. Are you an excellent researcher on Irish, Jewish, colonial English, African, or just plain tough problems? Are you making frequent treks to distant archives and wouldn't mind doubling up your research to split costs? Make a statement of your research skills or a research location you are willing to scour - everything from look-ups to detailed analyses of old tax lists. Auction off a block of time, access to a source, or a lecture for a local group.

Are you a member of a deserving genealogical organization that could use some extra money? Individuals can put in items "For the Benefit Of" such a group. Some NEAPG chapter members are auctioning books and services - half the proceeds will go to NEAPG, the other half to NERGC. You can do the same for your own organization(s).

Procedures were outlined in the previous post.

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