Thursday, August 7, 2008

Discover Exhibit Hall Treasures

NERGC offers unopposed exhibitor times at the Grand Opening as well as on Friday and Saturday, so attendees are able to visit the Exhibit Hall at their leisure without having to miss any lectures. The Exhibit Hall will also be open to the public during the normal exhibiting hours. From booksellers to local genealogical societies, exhibitors will all be there anxious to talk to you and help in any way they can.

Many of the exhibitors will also be participating in a "Treasure Chest" promotion. All attendees will receive a coupon that they can deposit at the exhibitor's booth. They will then be eligible to receive a promotional gift from that exhibitor when the drawings are completed.

The Manchester conference will have a total of 73 booth spaces for exhibitors, but they’re going fast. If you, or your society, would like to have a booth, contact David Mishkin,, or Tom Wilber,, for an information package..

See you in Manchester,
David and Tom

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filmclerk01 said...

As a former Co-Chair of the NERGC c0nferences and Co-Chair of the Exhibit Hall I suggest that everyone check all the vendor websites that are provided to compile a list of those items you would like to purchase. This eliminates wasting time.
Please remember to show any membership cards for the various organizations that are exhibiting as there may be additional discounts on the products or promotions.
Also printout a layout of the booths to familiarize you with the hall and those you want to visit first. Then everything after that is for browsing and conversing with friends you meet along the way.

And best of all enjoy the variety with is different with each conference.